Dallas Sprinkler Repair FAQ

Q: Why will one valve not come on but others will?2019-04-13T21:39:43+00:00

(A) There are many reasons why a valve will not come on. Most often it is a solenoid. it could also be a nick in the control wire or a malfunctioning clock. Occasionally I find that a zone is turned off at the clock. Before contacting me check your clock to make sure that zone has time on it and has not been turned off.

Q: Why is one of Sprinklers not Spraying Correctly?2019-04-13T21:37:26+00:00

If the sprinkler is not spraying correctly this may be due to the head needing to be cleaned, adjusted or replaced. It may also just be a clogged screen. If these are pop up sprinklers, you will need to pull the pop up portion up to be able to unscrew the head. You will be able to check and clean the heads and screens with the heads off. Once done, screw the heads back on and adjust spray if necessary.

You may need to replace the entire sprinkler if the sprinkler body itself is bad or the internals are malfunctioning. This is a pretty easy task and will consist of uncovering the malfunctioning sprinkler, unscrewing it from the riser and screwing the new unit on. Once the old sprinkler has been removed, check the riser to be sure it is intact and will not be a source of a new leak once the new sprinkler is installed. Install the new sprinkler and then adjust the spray pattern to cover the area needed. Test your work and readjust as needed.

Q: Which products do you use?2019-04-13T21:42:45+00:00
We use Rainbird and Hunter irrigation parts which is BEST in the market. Every product used in your yard is the exact same product that we use on our own personal sprinkler systems.
Q: I have a rain sensor, it is raining and the sprinklers are running. Why?2019-04-13T21:44:02+00:00

A: It may be that it has not rained enough to trigger the sensor. If this is not the case, check to make sure the receiver is not set on ‘bypass’ and that the controller is not set on ‘rain bypass’. Check the receiver signal light – is it flashing green? This can be due to a temporary weak signal or the battery is low and needs to be replaced.

Q: My system won’t run. What could be wrong?2019-04-13T21:45:17+00:00

A: First, check the controller to make sure that is working properly. Some clocks have a battery back up, so it may appear that the controller is on. If a controller is working on battery back up it will not activate the system. Plug a hair dryer or similar appliance to check the power to the outlet. Also, if it has rained recently, check the Rain Sensor override. A second thing to check is to make sure the water supply to the irrigation system has not been shut down at any point. Check the main shut off valve in the basement and at the back flow point there is usually a valve or two that can be closed and stop water flow to the irrigation lines. If everything checks out fine, call our office and schedule a service call.

Q: What time of day should I water?2019-04-13T21:46:29+00:00

A: It is best to be done watering before sunrise. Make a start time early enough so that it finishes before the sun comes up. Subtract the total run time from the time of sunrise time for a start time.

Q: Why do I have dry or brown spots in my yard?2019-04-13T21:41:15+00:00

Your sprinkler heads may need adjustments. They may also be clogged with debris. Fortunately, we have all the tools necessary to ensure your system functions optimally so you can maintain your beautiful lawn.